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Top - Catalog - Reef Packages - The Medium Bag Hobbiest (50 - 90 Gallon Tanks)

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       P A C K A G E

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Scarlet Hermit Crab


Blue Leg Hermit Crab


Nassarius Snail


Emerald Crab


Cleaner Shrimp


Sally Lightfoot Crab


Astrea Snail


Assorted Serpent Star


Mexican Turbo Snails



The Medium Bag Hobbyist Package has been made to suit any 50 - 90 Gallons aquariums. It brings the power of the Sally lightfoot, Emerald, Blue Leg & Scarlet Hermit crabs to control any green algae problem, the efficiency of the Scarlet cleaner shrimp to control Ick problems and other bacteria''s diseases, and the defense of the snails against brown algae that sometimes can be hard to get out of your Glass-Acrylic display & the powerful serpent starfish to take care of the detritus of the sand.


So dip in and start shopping with our great Medium Bag Hobbyist Package choice !!

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