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Top - Catalog - Clams - Salomon Isl Gold Rim Maxima (Tridacna Rim Maxima)

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Common Name

Gold Rim Maxima Clam

Scientific Name

Tridacna Rim Maxima



Filter Feeder



Solomon Islands



Care Level



Sand Substrate


Low to Medium Current


High Intensity



Reef Compatibility


Minimum Size

60 Gallons

Tank Conditions

72-78°F; sg 1.023-1025; pH 8.1-4; dKH 8-12. 1


The Gold Rim Maxima is one of the most exotic ones among the entire Aquaria World. It is very rare, and last just couple of hours after landing from the Solomon Islands. Despite its Dificult level of care, Marine Garden strongly recommends the placement of the clams to be at the bottom of the aquarium (Sand Substrate), a moderate current level, and high lightning intensity as well.   


Clams are considered to be a type of mollusk that belongs to the invertebrate genus & are known to be peaceful & harmless to other corals.     . The term clam is defined as a mollusk whose body is protected by two symmetrical shells, meaning that it is not an oyster, a mussel, or a scallop, and that has a more-or-less oval shape, or to a freshwater mussel. An exception to the oval shape is the razor clam, which has an elongated shell whose shape suggests a straight razor. The clam's two shells are interconnected by a hinge joint. Two adductor muscles open and close the shells. The clam has no brain or eyes, but it does have kidneys, a heart, a mouth, and an anus. Clams, like most mollusks, also have open circulatory systems, which mean that their organs are surrounded by watery blood that contains nutrients and oxygen. Clams eat plankton, and they themselves are eaten by small sharks and squid. In culinary use, the term 'clam' most often refers to the hard clam but may refer to other species such as the soft-shell clam Mya arenaria.



Approximate Purchase Size:                                                  Small: 1' to 2.5'; Medium: 2.5' to 4'; Large: 4' to 6.5'

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