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Top - Catalog - Ocean Treasures - Mystery wrasse (Pseudocheilinus Ocellatus)

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Common Name

Mystery wrasse

Scientific Name

Pseudocheilinus Ocellatus

Maximum Length

8 cm (3.1 inches



Shrimp, Squid, Meaty Food


Cocos Keeling Islands, the Great Barrier Reef, Fiji Islands, Japan, Marshall Islands & at Johnston Atoll



Care Level

Experts Only



Reef Compatibility


Minimum Tank

24 Gallons

Tank Conditions

72-78°F; sg 1.023-1025; pH 8.1-4; dKH 8-12. 1


The Mystery wrasse posses five white lines on the body, one on top of the head and a spot (with white edges) on the caudal peduncle. It has yellow and purple markings on the 'face' and varying amounts of greenish yellow on top of the head. The color gets less intense as the fish grows and large adults often lack the white lines on the body. In the wild this is a deep water species; for example, at Johnston Atoll it is common in water deeper than 30 m (98 feet), while in other areas it is most abundant deeper than 47 m (153 feet). This species lives on rubble slopes, at the base of drop-offs, often in caves, crevices or among stony corals. This species usually acclimates quickly to aquarium life, plenty of hiding places and a varied diet should be provided. In captivity Wrasses won''t harm corals but they will feed on small fishes, Inverts and crustaceans. It is important and highly recommended to say that multiple specimens should NOT be added into the same display. The Acclimation time should be between half to one and a half hour.


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