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Top - Catalog - Ocean Treasures - Chrysurus Angel (Pomacanthus Chrysurus)

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Common Name

Chrysurus Angel

Scientific Name

Pocamanthus Chrysurus

Maximum Length

33 cm (17 inches)



Flakes,Pellets Brine Shrimp


Western Indian Ocean: Gulf of Aden to Natal, South Africa: Seychelles & Madagascar

Care Level




Reef Compatibility


Minimum Tank

150 Gallons

Tank Conditions

72-78°F; sg 1.023-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4; dKH 8-12. 1


The Chrysurus Angelfish, is a stunning specimen with brilliant yellow tail, blue lips, a dark blue-black dorsal body cover by white lines and a yellow spot where the head joins the body. On the other hand, Juveniles have stripes on the head. In the Wild this fish is often seen in rich and rocky reefs. It is important to say that this angel is not reef safe on captivity and that it is recommended not to keep two large angels in the same tank. The Acclimation time should be between one to two and a half hours


Approximate Purchase Size:                                                    Small: 2' to 3'-1/2'; Medium: 3-1/2' to 4.5'; Large: 4.5' to 6'; Show: 7'+

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